Would You Let Your Kids Play with Elephant Poop?

Woodland Park Zoo

Is it just me or is playing with elephant poop just about the strangest activity the Woodland Park Zoo, or any zoo for that matter, could possibly offer?  When you go for a nice afternoon at the zoo there is no opportunity to ride on the humps of camels, play patty cake with lionesses, swing from the branches with primates, run with gazelles, or swim with the sharks, but don’t worry folks because they have something much much better in store for your children.

They have the excrement of elephants!

And because here in Seattle, we don’t want to let anything go to waste — not even waste itself —  what better thing to do than throw together a feces craft for kids?  As gross as that might sound, I gotta say, I’m tracking with the good folks at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo on this one!

I mean, it’s not every day that you can get the waste of a 4000 pound animal all over your hands and come out feeling good about it.

I can come up with a couple of names for this activity.  I’m thinking crappy craft, feces fun — you get the idea.  At the Woodland Park Zoo, however, they call it Elephant Poo Paper Making.

Woodland Park Zoo Elephant Poo Paper Making Craft

elephant poo paper woodland park zoowoodland park zoo seattleLook at this feisty little girl!!!  I love it when people don’t mind getting down and dirty — Proud moment for this mama!

Although they have “sterilized” the poo, the idea of playing with elephant dung isn’t the most pleasant thought for most people.  Thankfully none of our kids have weak stomachs so this was a fun afternoon activity to do after we visited other parts of the zoo.

The African Village at the Woodland Park Zoo

woodland park zoo

woodland park zoo africa

woodland park zoo
I can’t wait until we can take our kids to the real Africa.  That will be such a treat!  In the meantime we will have to enjoy a little more time at the African Village at the Woodland Park Zoo and get our hands dirty making beautiful, rough edged paper.  I didn’t get a picture of the final product.  It turned out lovely:)

What do you think? Would you let your kids play with elephant poo?

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