Upcycle Old T-Shirts with this Dip Dye Technique

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I’m not sure if it’s my shape or what but I have at least half a dozen long sleeve shirts that just do nothing for me, so when I saw an Upcycle T-Shirt Project on Pinterest, using the Dip Dye method, I knew I had to give it a go.  When most people think of Dip Dye they think of coloring hair (with koolaid!), however with this project I am technically dip bleaching.

How to Dip Dye with Bleach:

  • First you need a shirt.
  • Cut it in a style you like.  For this T-shirt Upcycle I cut it into a fringed tank top.
  • If you cut fringe, pull each band of fabric so it looks natural with a slight curl on the edges.
  • Fill a bucket or large bowl with equal ratios of hot water to bleach – 1/2 hot water and 1/2 bleach.
  • Dip away until you achieve your desired color.

dip dye bleach

Why Upcycle

I love taking old things and breathing new life into them.  When you rework something, it becomes it’s own little piece of art that no one will have it.  Don’t be intimidated by this project guys, it is ridiculously EASY.  You really can’t mess up because part of the charm of dip dying is that it IS imperfect and hand made.

People pay big bucks for that look, and other than the cost of bleach – it’s FREE!

upcycle tshirt

Besides the long and short sleeve style T’s, another great classic to do this dip dye technique with is the ol’ button up.  Dipping those in the bleach/water mixture will leave you with a beautiful ombre look.


I haven’t tried doing this with jeans yet, but I have a bunch of old pants I need to either donate or work some magic on, so I will likely try my hand at upcycling a pair or two into some killer cut-offs soon!

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