A Hero is Born at The Ridge Tahoe

the ridge tahoe The morning our little guy became a hero, we were turned away from the pool because the maintenance man at the Ridge Tahoe had just shooed away a mama bear and her two cubs from taking a nice dip in the pool.  Little did we know that was only the first close call we would have that morning.

When we were finally granted entrance, it was still pretty brisk so the kids and I all sat in the hot tub visiting with a nice retired gentleman ……. when all of a sudden I hear screams from the pool.  I looked over and Biggie was holding Girlr, kicking his feet with all of his might as he bobbed up and down — water sputtering out of his mouth.

The kids had been asking to get in the pool and I was halfway out of the hot tub, finishing my conversation with the retired schoolteacher, when it all went haywire.

Biggie and E quietly slipped into the pool with their lifejackets, when Girlr thought she should join them.   She didn’t have her life vest on because I didn’t make her wear it in the hot tub since she was never more than an arms length away.

It all happened so quickly.  Time slowed way down and it felt like I was running through molasses as I respond to Biggie’s screams for help.

Needless to say, I was so thankful for his quick action.  He really did save her from drowning!

the ridge tahoe poolThat’s right buddy, take a load off. It’s been a big day!kid saves kid drowningNot bad to hit hero status at the tender age of 5, eh?!

I’m so proud of you Biggie.  You are loyal, strong, generous, thoughtful, smart – and a mix of all the best things in this world.  And now you are also a full fledged HERO.  For real, you are awesome and I am lucky and proud to be your mama!five year old heroWe have friends who lost their son to a pool drowning several years back.  What a terrible, unspeakable loss. Despite being shaken for several days following the incident, I am unbelievably thankful that our little girl’s life was spared.  It is sobering how quick this type of thing takes place.

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