Seattle Shopping & People Watching

shopping in seattleSeattle has a vibrant shopping district servicing any demand you may have.  Within just a few blocks you can shop at high end stores like Coach and Michael Kors or fill up your bags without emptying your wallet at Ross or Nordstrom Rack — my personal favorite.

And don’t worry about running on empty from all that shopping because there are plenty of restaurants and caffeine fill up stations (aka Starbucks) to go around!

If window shopping and people watching are your thing, you’re in luck because Seattle’s Shopping District is the place where everything collides.  Oh how I love the diversity represented in Downtown Seattle!  Window shopping and people watching are my happy place so when I’m in Seattle I usually make a run to Nordstrom Rack and Anthropologie to see if something catches my eye, otherwise it’s just enjoying the feel of the city and keeping an eye on my tribe — can I get a witness?!

Shopping in Seattle – Westlake

seattle shopping westlakewestlake center seattleblue trees seattleShop Pacific Place for High End Stores

pacific place seattleSatisfy your Eclectic Side at Anthropologie in Seattle

anthropology seattleshopping anthropology

There is something for everyone when it comes to shopping in downtown Seattle.  I have a little bit of a bohemian style so I enjoy stores like Anthropologie and Free People.  Both are right there in Seattle, but unfortunately Free People is outside of the main shopping district.

Hike to Pike Place

And if you are up for a bit of a walk, you are within walking distance to the ahhmazing Pike Place Market.  It’s the perfect distance on a nice day and chances are you’ll see some interesting things along the way — just a hunch:)  We like to throw a couple of Blessing Bags in my purse or backpack if we are spending the day in the city.

pike place market in seattle

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