Scavenger Hunt Ideas Series – Valentines Day

I hope you have enjoyed our Scavenger Hunt Ideas Series so far! This time I did something a little different. Instead of searching for specific items, this treasure hunt allows your kids to use a little more creativity!

scavenger hunt for kids

Instead of V standing only for only one item – such as “vase”- it can represent anything.  If your child is smaller they may find something with velcro, if they are a science lover they may search for something that is viscus, if they love to bake they may grab vanilla from the kitchen cabinet!

I think these kind of treasure hunts are fun because they bring out the personality in each one of our little tribe mates.

I don’t know about your kids, but each of mine are VERY different.  They think differently, act differently, and express themselves differently.  I love when I get to see those uniquenesses highlighted.  Funny how three beings that came from the same stock can be so different.  I love it!


scavenger hunt ideas

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I Hope you have fun with this little Valentines Day Scavenger Hunt!

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