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Easter has snuck up on us once again but before we land ourselves in a sugar coma from all those Easter treats, I wanted to share with you a fun and meaningful way to spend some quality time with your kids in the form of a Resurrection Scavenger Hunt!

I’m not anti-Easter eggs and Cadbury bunnies, but growing up my family didn’t celebrate Easter in that way, so despite the successful commercialization of Easter, those things are not what I usually think of when the holiday rolls around.  As a child, Easter Sunday consisted of going to church and heading to my grandparent’s house afterwards to climb trees, play with my cousins, and share a potluck dinner.

Nowadays it’s a bit different but my mother-in-love always spoils us (David and myself included) with lots of candy and dark chocolate!

Easter is special to so many of us because it gives us a dedicated time to meditate on the incredible love of the uncreated God who humbled himself, took on flesh, lived a sinless life and paid the ultimate penalty for our sin.  He didn’t have to do that.  Yet for the sake of love, He did.  

I will never understand that level of humility.

easter scavenger hunt

Our family is big on scavenger hunts and the kids usually like to make a competition of them but for some reason with this one, they always choose to work together.  It’s sweet watching them put their brains together to come up with each item.   *I made this treasure hunt for my family (and first blog) a couple years ago!

Nails to Represent what Secured Jesus to the Cross

easter hunt

A Rock to Represent the Tomb

easter treasure hunt

Something Sour – Represents what Jesus was Given to Drink while He Hung on the Cross

easter activities for kids

Bread – Jesus Broke it and Shared it with His Disciples (&Justice!)

kids learn about resurrection of Jesus

The Something Black Picked to Represent Sin.

Our kids picked a credit card.  How appropriate!

resurrection activities

I hope you have fun with this one.  It’s a creative, interactive way to teach our kids about some of the details surrounding the death and resurrection of Christ.  It really is a meaningful time of year for so many of us and I hope this resource makes it all the more memorable.


easter scavenger hunt printable

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If you’re looking for another fun family project, that is both meaningful and helpful, consider putting together and distributing blessing bags for the homeless.  It will bless you as much as it does someone in need!

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