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Globally-Inspired Children’s Clothes
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Tea is among my favorite brands of children’s clothing.  I have appreciated their stylish designs and use of quality and comfortable materials since the kids were little.  Despite those factors, the thing I like the most about Tea is their focus on inclusion and diversity.

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Having grown up in Seattle, a port city known for its cultural diversity, I naturally gleaned the value of difference from a young age.  It’s a value I feel strongly about passing down to our kids.  I can appreciate a company who is intentional in their focus on creating products that tell a story about the unique value and beauty that every culture has to offer.

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Tea Collection’s Stylish Design:

Every year Tea takes a team of designers from their home base in San Francisco on a trip to a faraway land for design inspiration.  The designers soak up the unique aspects of the culture they are immersed in and what they end up with is a collection of globally inspired patterns and styles.  After the designs are completed the clothing is made in factories all around the world – from Peru to Bulgaria.

What I like about the international flair in Tea’s designs is that it is understated.  You get the essence of another culture without it being over the top, in your face.

For a sneak peak into the creative process and how a picture taken or sketch drawn translates into textiles and clothing designs visit and click on the inspiration tab.  They even have a few kids activities you can print out for your little ones!

Tea Uses Quality Materials:

From my experience, Tea clothing stands the test of time.  My kids are pretty hard on their clothes and since I don’t go for stuffed closets with garments spilling out, I gravitate toward simple, stylish designs that are made well.

Made of natural fibers and materials, Tea clothes wash and wear well – longer.

The Comfort Factor:

No matter how awesome something looks if it is not comfortable it is not my cup of tea!  Yes, I like a good pun every now and then.  Seriously though, there have been times that I have bought Justice the cutest dress and it didn’t feel good on her skin.  This is the point when her 3 year old self kicks in and it’s complete meltdown and pandamonium until that dress is pealed off of her body!

At this moment there is no negotiating with her, and no amount of bribery will work.  It’s uncomfortable and it’s NOT happening!

This reason is enough to LOVE Tea clothing.  It is soft to the touch and comfortable to play in.

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What didn’t end up getting photographed were the fun little pockets on Jusitce’s dress.  She thought she was so smart!!! Try out the Tea Collection for yourself and see if you are as impressed as we have been!

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