Tips for Traveling with Children – We’ve Got Your Back!

I am honored to connect with a community of other people & parents who have adventure in their bones.  Those of you who purpose to find your way around all the road blocks in your way and keep your eyes on where you want to go. Don’t give up.  Traveling with your children is worth […]

Airplane Carry-on List

Here is your extensive list for any & all carry-on items.  Be mindful of the pesky fact that you will indeed be carrying these things for the duration of your trip with child and/or baby in hand.  Have mercy! Bring only what you know you need! Airplane Carry-On List: Documents: __ Passport and ID’s __ Credit cards, […]

The Ultimate Travel Packing List

Here is your Ultimate Travel Packing List! Check off as you pack and take this list out the door with you to ensure you got it all.  Nobody wants to be caught off-guard without something essential and this is double true if you have the family with you! Before we get to the actual list […]

How to Save on Theme Park Passes

Good BBQ, the smell of funnel cakes, scary rides, and your kids’ ice cream melting all over make for a great day at your favorite theme park- but if you can find a way to throw in savings- it’s PERFECTION!   When it comes to vacationing who doesn’t love a visit to a hair raising, […]

Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained on a Long Drive SO YOU DON’T LOSE IT!

This list of road trip games and activities is designed to keep the party goin’ and the peace flowin’ long after the excitement of leaving town has worn off. It’s true that if you are traveling any real distance, it takes a while longer to get to your destination.  And with kids it can take […]

Healthy Snacks for the Road {Gluten Free}

It can be a challenge to find healthy snacks when you are on the road — and being gluten free makes that task even more difficult.   Stopping at the gas station is mind numbing and if you have the audacity to ask the clerk if they have any gluten free options most likely you […]

Staycation Ideas – For the Fall

Hopefully after reading {Part 1} and {Part 2} of our Staycation Series you are inspired to plan a staycation of your own!  I am currently planning a “Seattle Staycation” for our family now that we have settled in the Pacific Northwest.  After creating this series I am even more excited about our time “off” than […]

Staycation: Reap the Benefits of Vacation w/o Ever Leaving Home {Part 2}

In {Part 1} of our Staycation Series we looked at both the benefits and the obstacles to carving out a little rest and relaxation time for you and your family without ever leaving your hometown.   I hope that after reading about the advantages of a staycation, you have warmed up to the idea and are ready to […]

Staycation: Reap the Benefits of Vacation without Ever Leaving Home {Part 1}

So you have been working your tail off for months, you or your spouses’ vacation time is still 4 months away, and you are about to lose it.  I totally get it.  The answer to your problem is closer than you might think — as close as your backyard in fact!   What you need, my […]

Traveling with a Baby – Top 10 Tips from a Traveling Veteran Mom!

Traveling with a baby can seem like a daunting task.  Even thinking about it make the heart beat a little faster, but having extensively traveled with children myself, I’m here to tell you- it doesn’t have to be that way!  Whether you are a stay at home mom, or working parent- you worked hard for your time “off” and […]

Traveling with Kids – Why You Should Fight for It!

Let’s keep it real for a minute.  Traveling with kids is not for the faint of heart!  Navigating new cities and cultures can feel a little like walking around in the dark.  Each family has unique challenges- and when those challenges present themselves it can hurt.  Bad. But if you determine to get out of […]

The One Rule Every Mom Should Break when Packing for Vacation

When you read articles about how to pack or what to bring on vacation you will hear the same mantra over and over again.  Less is More.  Heck, I have written about packing light myself.  It goes without saying that packing less frees you from the unnecessary burden of shlepping your non-essentials around with you […]