Where is Crater Lake & Why Should I Go?

Where is Crater Lake anyway and why should I go?  If you are anything like me, who apparently slept through geography class, you may be asking yourself the same question.  After having been, I can assure you, you don’t want to miss out on this gem! Crater Lake is located in southwest Oregon in the spectacular Crater Lake National Park View Map.  Besides its immense beauty and […]

An Unusual Classroom at the Pacific Science Center

What you will find in the bathrooms at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle may make your stomach turn, but I assure you, the kids will learn a thing or two!  You are there to expand your knowledge after all and the folks at the education center came up with a disgusting lesson about the […]

Breckenridge Snow Report – Fence Posts and Facial Wounds

The Breckenridge Snow Report promised clear skies and good times for the boys.  They had recently rented skis and with the seasons pass we bought there were high hopes for a great season.  It was the first time skiing for all of us but David.  We were concerned about making the investment while our children […]

Be Curious, Be Brave

My personal theme for the year is to Be Curious & Be Brave.  I’m not big on setting new years resolutions and goals.  They don’t inspire me – AT ALL.  What does inspire me is the idea of challenging myself to be more authentic, passionate, generous, forgiving, thoughtful, open, and courageous every day. When we […]

Breckenridge Snow Report – Fresh Snow with a Chance of Tears

There was great anticipation in the van as David looked up the Breckenridge Snow Report for the next day.  The snow was to blanket the mountain overnight and continue to fall the next day.  Fresh powder, on the day his boyhood dream was to become a reality! He would finally get his chance to ski […]

Breckenridge Snow Report: Broken Nose in the Forecast

The weather is perfect and the Breckenridge Snow Report is exactly what every skier hopes for on the day they hit the slopes.  It hasn’t snowed for a few days so the blowers are humming as they spray out white powder in anticipation of the real stuff to start falling.  It’s early in the season […]

Theo Chocolate Tour

I had the pleasure of going on the Theo Chocolate Tour at Theo’s Factory in Seattle with my Mom and two sisters.  We were downtown for a couple of days celebrating my mom’s birthday and my sister suggested we take the chocolatey tour. She had done it before with some of her girlfriends and thought […]

Eating Fried Frog Legs – Frog Legs Recipe Included!

I took the leap and tried fried frog legs for the first time recently and have to say, I showed ridiculously poor frog leg eating skill and etiquette.  I was so worked up with the idea of eating fried frog legs for the first time that it never occurred to me that they wouldn’t be […]

iFLY Indoor Skydiving – No Life Insurance Necessary

David recently surprised me by taking me to a place called iFLY Indoor Skydiving here in Seattle.  We first spotted the iFLY building when it was under construction on one of our visits to see family before we moved back for good.  I have wanted to go indoor skydiving at iFLY ever since.  I am […]

Living in Seattle – One Year Later

It’s amazing the difference a year makes.  This week marks one year since we moved back to Seattle.  We were originally going to settle down somewhere in or near Boulder, Colorado.  We wanted to be nestled up against the rocky mountains after having lived in the flats of the midwest for five years.  We dropped […]

Dogs in Costumes — Howl-O-Ween in Park City, UT!

Dogs in costumes are pretty cute, right?  Park City, Utah has cuteness in spades at their annual doggie dress up event called “Howl-O-Ween!” And let me tell you — you don’t know people that LOVE their dogs until you have been to a mountain town like Park City or Vail.  These people are serious about […]

Brick or Treat Halloween Celebration at LEGOLAND San Diego CA

It was a nice surprise to stumble upon the Brick or Treat Halloween event at LEGOLAND San Diego, CA while we visited the southern west coast.  Celebrating holidays on the road was one thing we didn’t even think about before we sold our home and set out on our open ended road trip. Even though […]