Exciting Announcement! The StrongLuv Relationship Experiment

Dreaming about, designing, and writing content for Home Sweet Road has been one of those unexpected joys of my life this past year and a half.  It has taken me by surprise how much I have genuinely enjoyed the process of being stretched to learn new technology and grow in my writing skills — don’t […]

Santa Ynez Valley-Solvang California Worldmark

Vineyards and wineries abound in the lush and beautiful Santa Ynez Valley.  If you enjoy wine you will love the quaint Danish town of Solvang, California.  But since wine country is not usually associated with family fun, I thought I would write a review of our time at the Santa Ynez Valley – Solvang California Worldmark Resort […]

Business Ideas for Kids Series – Writing a Business Plan

We are getting ready for summer and you know what that means around these parts? We start thinking about business ideas for kids and strategically planning with them what they want to do to flex their young entrepreneurial muscles. We wanted to dive a little deeper with them this year then we have the last […]

Franklin Falls Hike Near Snoqualmie Pass

The hiking trails in the Pacific Northwest are some of the most coveted in the world, and Franklin Falls near Snoqualmie Pass far exceeded all my expectations! Our friend had been telling us about the Franklin Falls hike for a long time and when we finally had the chance to get there we didn’t want […]

A Hero is Born at The Ridge Tahoe

The morning our little guy became a hero, we were turned away from the pool because the maintenance man at the Ridge Tahoe had just shooed away a mama bear and her two cubs from taking a nice dip in the pool.  Little did we know that was only the first close call we would […]

The Ridge Tahoe Review

Just when you pass a ski lift and think you can’t possibly drive any higher the road curves and The Ridge Tahoe sign comes into view.  And what do you know, the steep incline continues UP!   I am not a skilled writer so I can not impress upon those who have not been to The Ridge […]

Quality, Comfortable Cool Shoes

As you know from my style posts here on the blog, quality trumps a low price tag every time. And you know how much I love a good deal! I am so glad that we found out about Merrell Trail shoes last year. While 4 out of the 5 of us own our own pair, […]

Seattle Shopping & People Watching

Seattle has a vibrant shopping district servicing any demand you may have.  Within just a few blocks you can shop at high end stores like Coach and Michael Kors or fill up your bags without emptying your wallet at Ross or Nordstrom Rack — my personal favorite. And don’t worry about running on empty from […]

Airport Scavenger Hunt

Airports are full of excitement, anticipation, anxiety, and if you aren’t careful, mammoth meltdowns from the little ones.  While long lines and empty tummies are often to blame, good old fashion boredom has a lot to do with it as well.  If you are on a layover or your flight gets delayed, chances are you […]

Tips for Traveling with Children – We’ve Got Your Back!

I am honored to connect with a community of other people & parents who have adventure in their bones.  Those of you who purpose to find your way around all the road blocks in your way and keep your eyes on where you want to go. Don’t give up.  Traveling with your children is worth […]

Scavenger Hunt Series Roundup

Scavenger Hunts are one of those activities that many of us have fun memories associated with.  Most of my scavenger hunting memories are in the context of educational or youth group outings, but I wanted to create this Scavenger Hunt Ideas Series so my kids — and yours — could join in the fun too! […]

Would You Let Your Kids Play with Elephant Poop?

Is it just me or is playing with elephant poop just about the strangest activity the Woodland Park Zoo, or any zoo for that matter, could possibly offer?  When you go for a nice afternoon at the zoo there is no opportunity to ride on the humps of camels, play patty cake with lionesses, swing […]