Business Ideas for Kids Series – Writing a Business Plan

We are getting ready for summer and you know what that means around these parts? We start thinking about business ideas for kids and strategically planning with them what they want to do to flex their young entrepreneurial muscles. We wanted to dive a little deeper with them this year then we have the last […]

Teaching Kids the Value of Hard Work & Finding Their Passion

As you know from our love for all things entrepreneurial, we’re always keen on finding tasks or jobs for kids to do.  Even though our kids are young, we want them to grow up to be hard working, determined, creative, self-sufficient, happy individuals.   Of course, working hard is a lot easier to do if […]

An Unusual Classroom at the Pacific Science Center

What you will find in the bathrooms at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle may make your stomach turn, but I assure you, the kids will learn a thing or two!  You are there to expand your knowledge after all and the folks at the education center came up with a disgusting lesson about the […]

Teaching Kids the Value of Diversity and Cultural Difference

I grew up in a home where diversity was celebrated and cultural differences were enjoyed.  From a young age we welcomed exchange students from different parts of the world into our home and learned about their religion, families, cultures, and favorite foods. Some of them stayed for just a few days and some stayed for […]

Top 15 Business Ideas and Ways for Kids to Make Money

I put together this list of Top 15 Business Ideas and ways for kids to make money to help you keep your kids busy, engaged, and learning skills that will benefit them for a lifetime. I think entreprenuership is a great way to help them think outside of the box and develop critical thinking and […]

Education — Getting the Most out of the Junior Ranger Program

In Junior Ranger Program {Part 1} of our Education Series, I told you about why I geek out over the fun park program that is absolutely FREE and how much our kids love it.   I mean, not only do they get to explore fun things like volcanoes, underground caves, and the open wilderness, but they […]

Business For Kids – Encouraging Budding Entrepreneurs {Part 2}

Hopefully you read Business For Kids {Part 1} and have had a chance to wrap your mind around why encouraging your kids to launch their own “companies” can provide a profound learning opportunity for them as well as set them up for success in the future. Let’s pick up where we left off….remember that they […]

Business For Kids – Encouraging Budding Entrepreneurs {Part 1}

Many of us have thought about starting a business of our own but how about a business for kids?  Your kids!  I know it may sound strange at first but seriously, have you ever considered helping  your child start their very own “kid business” but weren’t sure if it was too early or a good […]

How to be on a Reality Show

Every wondered how you could be on a reality show?  Well, recently we were contacted by a casting producer to be on Bravos! upcoming TV Reality Show about parenting.  I was flattered. Below is part of the correspondence we received: I’m working with an award-winning production company and a top-rated national cable network to cast a new […]

RoadSchooling – What In the World Is It?

What is Roadschooling Anyway? Most of us are familiar with the notion of homeschooling or unschooling, but roadschooling? Now that’s a new concept!  So, what is roadschooing anyway? Like homeschoolers, roadschoolers are educated outside the context of the classroom and their parents/caregivers are responsible to make sure they are in a learning rich environment, accumulating […]

Junior Ranger Program: Education through Exploration!

Want to know something that makes this mama feel more rewarded than Pavlov’s dog after the bell rang?  Well, folks, if you haven’t heard about the Junior Ranger Program yet- today is your lucky day!  I mean it.  I may not be your typical geek, but I will geek out all day over this topic. […]