The One Rule Every Mom Should Break when Packing for Vacation

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When you read articles about how to pack or what to bring on vacation you will hear the same mantra over and over again.  Less is More.  Heck, I have written about packing light myself.  It goes without saying that packing less frees you from the unnecessary burden of shlepping your non-essentials around with you from place to place.

Which is doubly important when traveling with children.

But, for me, the less is more philosophy fails me in one area.  And that is Accessories.

MORE IS MORE when it comes to them, and here’s why:

If you heed expert advice and pack smart, it’s true that you will have the basics covered, but those “experts” are forgetting one very important thing.  WE ARE MOTHERS!!!  That means it is likely one or more of the following things are happening simultaneously:

  • We have dark circles under our eyes because we have not had a proper nights sleep since we got pregnant with our first-born X years ago.
  • Our hair is a mess and we don’t have ample time do it before we leave for the day because the children haven’t adjusted to the new time zone, woke up early, and the hotel staff have already alerted us to complaints they have received from other hotel guests due to the noise level reverberating from our room.  We’ve got to get out of there ASAP.
  • We will be visiting the beach later in the day and want to draw attention away from the road map known as stretch marks which decided to take over a few years back.  While these love marks tell a beautiful story of a life given to bring these treasures into the world, we may not feel like telling that story today.

This is just a short list of scenarios that could play out at any given time on the road.  Yes, our bodies have changed, our schedules are not our own, and we may not have the same amount of time or interest in always looking picture perfect but we don’t want to look like stressed out, stretched out mamas either!

The way we present ourselves to the world does affect how we feel.

Enter accessories.

Bangles, dangles, head scarves, belts, sunglasses, necklaces, hats, colorful flats, and wraps can turn you from looking worn out to LOOK OUT in no time!

What I also love about accessorizing is that it can transform any basic outfit into something special.  You can feel like a million bucks with very little effort! No one has to know that amazing printed headscarf is hiding 3 day old hair!

That is why when I pack I usually stick to the basics in monochromatic colors so that I can mix and match throughout the trip and add in the drama with accessories.  That way you are packing light AND feeling pretty.  Works every time!

What are your favorite travel style tips?  I’d love to hear from you, so if you have any great ideas add them in the comments below:)

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