Things to do in Sedona, AZ — Top 10 Budget Friendly Activities

things to do in Sedona, AZThere are so many wonderful things to do in Sedona, AZ for families.  You can take train rides through canyons, rush down a 30-foot natural water slide, and take a relaxing stroll through downtown.  This serene and beautiful city of Sedona {AKA Red Rock Country} offers many of activities that are budget friendly, of course there are a few options to splurge on as well which I covered here.

1. Montezuma Castle National Monument:

This odd and perplexing monument is nestled between limestone cliffs and offers a unique window to see some of the Native American dwellings of the past. Despite the harsh desert weather this monument has been preserved over the years. The structure offers about 40 rooms and is set above a creek. Although visitors are not allow inside this monument, it’s an awe-inspiring structure none-the-less and well worth the visit especially for a budget friendly price of $5 per adult and $0 for children under 16 years of age!

Feel free to Check out the Montezuma Castles National Monument’s website for more information.

2. Trolley Ride:

Out of the many things to do in AZ this one is a must! This is an easy and cheap way to see the city. The trolley ride is approximately 55 minutes and includes a narrated guide about the climate, history, and other facts about Sedona. This is a great deal for things to do in Sedona because it’s only $15 for adults and $10 for children per tour. On the tour you will have many photo opportunities with the surrounding beauty of Sedona in the background along with great advice on where to go and what to see during your time in Sedona, AZ. This is recommended as one of the best first things to do when you get to Sedona!

Check out their website for more information and times.

3. Chapel of the Holy Cross:

While you are on your trolly ride you will stop here at the Chapel of the Holy Cross. So your getting two great things to do in Sedona for the price of one! You can enjoy stunning views of this masterpiece set between two rock mounds. This 90-foot cross is one of the must see things to do in AZ. Even if you are not a religious person this site offers something spiritual and magical and at the least you can enjoy a gorgeous work of architecture with a breathtaking backdrop.

Feel free to check out their Chapel of Holy Cross’s website for more information.

4. Walk Around Downtown:

If you can avoid the temptation of shopping at the souvenir and clothing shops then downtown is an easy and FREE activity to do in Sedona. Strolling along the downtown walking street you can enjoy the fresh air and amazing views. If you and the family get a bit hungry, snag an outside table at one of the many cute cafes and restaurants along the walking street and enjoy your view along with your meal!

5. Slide Rock State Park:

With only a small parking fee of $10 per car this budget friendly activity in Sedona is a favorite for everyone! Unfortunately that means waking up early to beat the rush. The park fills up quickly and might have a line at times. However, this beautiful park offers a great way to cool down and the kids will love it! During those hot summer months who wouldn’t want to take a plunge down a 30-foot natural spring water slide? There are picnic areas and even access to the next thing to do in Sedona, Oak Creek! If you are sure to get here before the rush, Slide Rock State Park is a fun and refreshing activity for everyone.

Feel free to check out   Slide Rock State Parks Website for more information:

6. Oak Creek Canyon:

Slide Rock State Park is actually located in Oak Creek Canyon and offers a colorful array of rock formations in its 16 miles of beauty. Again, you’re getting two for the price of one here! There are many activities for every family type including hiking, camping, canyon trails, beautiful swimming holes and picnic sites. You might even catch a glimpse of some wildlife! On your way along the roads in Oak Creek you can stop at some of the street vendors for some authentic Native American handicrafts and jewelry.

7. Palatki Ruins:

The Native American name Palatki, meaning “red house,” is over 6000 years old and supplies a wealth of history for Arizona. Many hints and remnants of Indian tribes that have called this place home remain in the cliffs and rocks. Come here to enjoy the dramatic views by taking easy hikes through rock alcoves and ancient cliffs. One of the things in Sedona that everyone talks about are the amazing red rock formations. You and the family can enjoy one of these famous views in AZ right here at the Palatki ruins.

Check the Palatki Ruins website for more information:

8. Red Rock State Park:

One of the most breathtaking things to do in Sedona is to come to Red Rock State Park. This is near Oak Creek and offers more of the spectacular red rock formations for picturesque scenery. Get ready to snap away pictures at this beautiful site or bring a family lunch and set up a picnic while enjoying your backdrop. This wonderful park also offers daily activities ranging from a guest speaker or a ranger that has a special presentation prepared, educational videos, or a special hike planned. These special activities happen daily around 2:00pm.

Check the Red Rock State Parks website for more information.

9. Sedona Museum:

If you and the kids are ready to get out of the heat and learn a bit more about the history of Sedona then check out the Sedona Museum. For a cheap price of only $5 per adult or $7 per adult with an audio guided tour you and the kids can walk around and enjoy learning about Sedona from 1876 to the present. There are even special fun activities for kids like a scavenger hunt and educational hands-on activities. For things to do in Sedona, this is a cheap and family friendly option for a rainy day or just to get out of the heat for a change.

Check Sedona Museums website for more information and special events.

10. Bell Rock:

If you and the family are up for a somewhat challenging hike, then come to Bell Rock, one of Sedona’s four energy vortexes. There are many things to do in AZ but why not get in touch with your spiritual and psychic side and explore this exotic and beautiful bell shaped slope for yourself. The hike is rather easy in the beginning but gets more challenging as your reach the top. There of course is the option to just admire it’s beauty from a distance as well if your not up for a hike.

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If you know of some truly special and budget friendly ideas for families traveling to Sedona please share them in the comments below so other families can benefit from your wisdom!
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