The Ultimate Travel Packing List

ultimate packing checklistHere is your Ultimate Travel Packing List! Check off as you pack and take this list out the door with you to ensure you got it all.  Nobody wants to be caught off-guard without something essential and this is double true if you have the family with you!

Before we get to the actual list let’s go over some things to think about prior to throwing things in your suitcase:

  • What are you doing? Check the weather and think about the possible activities you will be doing and pack appropriately.
  • What country are you going to? Check that a vaccination is not needed. Even some airlines wont let you on without proof of vaccination. It’s important to check the country you have the layover in as well as sometimes it’s necessary even if you don’t leave the airport! (Crazy, I know!)
  • Money: Call your credit card providers well in advanced so they are prepared and know you will be using your cards overseas.
  • Luggage fees: It’s becoming increasingly popular for airlines to spring luggage fees on you. Be sure you know the weight limit and what fees are associated if you go over that limit. Don’t forget this important point if you will be flying around on numerous airlines as well.
  • Space: Effectively pack! One way to do this is to roll the items and separate them in bags. Example: All of your tops go in one bag. Or plan your outfits ahead of time and pack them in bags by outfit.  This way you know exactly which bag to look in for what. This will avoid the suitcase “throwing up” all over the room once you get to the hotel. (Good ‘ol plastic shopping bags will do fine)
  • Necessity?: Strollers, cribs, and other such items are not always a necessity.  Check if the country you’re going to has rental services for these items. They even have delivery for things such as diapers!!  For those programs and services check this site out for Europe and this site for the U.S.

Travel Packing List:


  • ___Passport and ID’s
  • ___Copies of your passport and ID’s stashed elsewhere in case of theft. You can also email these to yourself for extra safe measure.
  • ___Credit cards, traveler checks, cash (Check the currency exchange rate)
  • ___Travel insurance information
  • ___Emergency contact information of someone back home. Just in case!
  • ___Plane tickets
  • ___Hotel reservations
  • ___Calling cards
  • ___Itinerary


  • ___Shampoo and conditioner- travel size
  • ___Body wash and loofa
  • ___Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • ___Floss
  • ___Body lotion
  • ___Deodorant
  • ___Make-up bag (Don’t bring the whole thing ladies!)
  • ___Razor & Shaving Cream
  • ___Insect repellent
  • ___Eye wear: glasses, contacts, sunglasses
  • ___Brush and comb
  • ___Sun lotion
  • ___Tweezers and nail clippers
  • ___Hairdryer and/or straightener
  • ___Hair accessories for you and kids. (clips, bobby-pins, headbands, hair ties)

Children and Baby Items:

  • ___Diapers, as many you might need to at LEAST get you to your destination. (Even then, multiple by two and bring extra bags for disposal.)
  • ___Wipes
  • ___Bottle or sippy cup
  • ___Formula and/or baby food. Don’t forget the spoon!
  • ___Toys and books
  • ___Baby blanket
  • ___Water items such as: swimming wings, toys, and water diapers.
  • ___Changing pad
  • ___Baby sunscreen
  • ___Diaper cream and moisturizer
  • ___Baby carrier (Like Baby Bjorn or Ergo)
  • ___Stroller
  • ___Travel bed
  • ___Travelers high chair
  • ___Other accessories depending on your needs: pacifiers, breast pump, extra bottle nipples, teething toys or creams, bottle bags…


  • ___Phone and its charger (If you’re going abroad make sure your phone will work there.)
  • ___Camera and its charger or extra batteries
  • ___Laptop/ Tablet/ Kindle and charger
  • ___Extra USB stick/ Camera stick so you can take as many pictures as you want!
  • ___Headphones- noise cancelling are the best!


***Please chant the following as you pack clothes: “I will pack light, I will pack light!”

A reasonable amount of the following determined by length of trip:

  • ___Tops
  • ___Bottoms
  • ___Undergarments
  • ___Swimsuits
  • ___Shoes and sandals
  • ___Socks
  • ___PJ’s
  • ___Accessories
  • ___Depending on the weather:
  • ___Hat
  • ___Jacket
  • ___Sweater
  • ___Scarf
  • ___Gloves
  • ___Long sleeves

SEPERATELY pack extra clothes x2 for you, baby and kids for your carry-on. (You never know if your bags will get lost for a day!)

These are the basics and same for each family member. However something to keep in mind besides packing light (you can stop chanting now) is to pack efficiently! Take items that can be used for multiple things. For example bringing tank tops that can be used during the day as well as for bedtime. Another great trick is using a sarong instead of a towel! A sarong is much lighter and takes up less space. Possible uses: towel, beach towel, beach cover up, blanket, scarf…. you get the point! Don’t bring a shirt that ONLY goes with one pair of bottoms. And the same is true for the kids.  Most hotels and resorts have access to washing machines.  If by chance that is not the case, don’t be afraid of a little washing by hand on your vacation. It’s either that or lugging around x10 more than you need!

Extras to have in your purse/ carry-on:

  • ___Antibacterial
  • ___Hand cream
  • ___Pen and paper
  • ___Books- or ebooks on your kindle….even better
  • ___Small quiet toys/ other entertainment for baby
  • ___Feminine hygiene products


  • ___Laundry bag and soap
  • ___Ziplock bags- various sizes. These are so handy and can be used in many different ways
  • ___Mini flash-light
  • ___Prescription medications
  • ___Towel / Sarong  (the better choice)
  • ___Snacks for the ride/flight (Make sure they are packaged if you are going on a flight.)
  • ___Needle and thread
  • ___Travel guidebook & Maps
  • ___Small medical bag:
  • ___Band aids & Gauze
  • ___Cotton swabs
  • ___Alcohol wipes
  • ___Water-resistant Tape
  • ___Antihistamine
  • ___Pain reliever

I sincerely hope this is a useful resource for you in your upcoming vacation!  If you need an airplane carry-on packing list, I created that too!

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