The Ridge Tahoe Review

Just when you pass a ski lift and think you can’t possibly drive any higher the road curves and The Ridge Tahoe sign comes into view.  And what do you know, the steep incline continues UP!   I am not a skilled writer so I can not impress upon those who have not been to The Ridge Tahoe the unsettling feeling you get driving through narrow passages between rock faces.  It appears to be landscape that engineers defied God and gravity to build upon.

the ridge tahoe at lake tahoe
In no way am I afraid of heights but I gotta tell you this drive did something to me.  Each time we left the resort for some fun and came back – it happened again.  It was like heart palpitations without the actual palpitations.  I know, it’s a little melodramatic right?

The steep drive pays off because once you get to The Ridge Tahoe you are treated with sweeping views of the valley below.  It’s stunning.

the ridge tahoeWhile the resort itself is a bit aged they do a good job of keeping it clean and comfortable.  There is a ton of stuff to do while you are there as well.

You never have to leave the resort to create fun memories with your family.  If you plan on visiting outside of ski season, like we did, a few things to do on site are putt putt golf, tennis, private hiking trails, swimming, and rock climbing lessons.  They also have a couple of playgrounds for younger kids, a game room and theater which plays free movies twice a day.

the ridge tahoe swimmingthe ridge tahoe pool
The living space was large and open so the five of us never felt cramped in our one bedroom unit.  Although it’s clear that the last major kitchen and bathroom renovation was done in the late 80’s or early 90’s the new carpet, hardware, fixtures, fireplace facelift and tasteful decor distracted us away from the age of the place and made it feel warm and inviting.

the ridge tahoethe ridge tahoe kitchen
the ridge tahoe bedrooms
Did I mention the Jacuzzi soaker tub?  I’ve got one word for it.  Mammoth.  It felt like they actually designed the place around the tub.  The Ridge Tahoe is located within the ski resort Heavenly and as far as I’m concerned if for no other reason than this one feature it is aptly named!

the ridge tahoe bath
One obvious thing the condos are missing is air conditioning.  It was fall and we had to sleep with the slider in our room and windows open- and it was still too hot.

What we liked about The Ridge Tahoe:

  • Views
  • Activities galore
  • Kids Club
  • Shuttles to town
  • Ski-in Ski-out during ski season
  • Jacuzzi tub!

What we didn’t like about The Ridge Tahoe:

  • No air conditioning – please do not underestimate the importance of this one thing
  • Farther from the lake and town then we’d like


We would go to The Ridge Tahoe again for sure during ski season or cooler months, but NEVER during the summer due to the absence of AC.  I loved all the activities but would plan better to take full advantage of them next time.  Also, if we were planning on spending most of our time near the lake I would find other accommodations.  It’s a bit of a drive.  All in all we had a wonderful time there.

Tips for your visit to The Ridge Tahoe:

  • Drink lots of water.  The high elevation will make you feel dizzy and sick quickly if you are not properly hydrated.
  • Make sure to plan ahead to make sure to take advantage of the onsite activities.

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