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Things To Do In Bozeman MT with Kids

A Few Fun Things to do in Bozeman MT with kids

Kirk Park

There’s lots of fun things to do in Bozeman with kids.  After enjoying frozen yogurt at U-Swirl in Bozeman we crossed the street to Kirk Park so we could let the kids run that sugar right out of them.  What a great park.  Between the show put on by a young skater girl (we were super impressed) and the impromptu medieval sword fight by what appeared to be local thespians we had a great time!

Just off the heals of the summer olympics the volleyball courts were at capacity with people getting their game on.  I’m pretty average at every sport so these days when I play I like to pretend (without the knowledge of anyone else of course) to be a famous athlete.  Its fun, you should try it.  things to do in Bozemankirk park bozeman Whether you are passing through and need to stretch your legs or you live in Bozeman its a great park to check out.  It’s perfect for kids because it’s so large you can let them run free without worrying about them running out in the street.  We could have stayed the entire day.

The Gallatin Speedway

It can be so fun to travel with kids because you just don’t know what the day will hold.  A really fun thing to do with kids in Bozeman on a warm summer Friday evening is to head to the Gallatin Speedway to watch the races.

David took the boys to the dirt track and had a phenomenal time.  The place was packed with adults and kids of all ages.  With the beautiful Bridger Range in the distance and the smell of high-octane fuel in the air the Boy Scouts performed The Color Guard (basic flag opening ceremony).

gallatin speedwaythings to do in bozeman montanaDuring each heat the cars roared by tossing dirt into the air as they drove sideways down the tight oval track.  In between heats people flocked to the concession stand to buy cheese fries covered with chili, nachos, soda and every other kind of junk food you can imagine.  Finally, after the races, you can go down to the pits to see the cars, talk to the drivers and marvel in all the goodness that a summertime friday night at the races in a small town has to offer.

TIP – Bring some earplugs with you!

The Springhill Barn Dance

One of the reasons we love to travel is the opportunity we get to visit family.  My niece, AKA Shroomy, almost convinced me to wear Daisy Dukes for this event.  I mean, what is more fitting than jean shorts and cowboy boots for a Barn Dance?  In the end my good sense won out and I decided that she is 17 and I am NOT!!!

We just happened to be passing through Bozeman the weekend that Springhill Presbyterian was holding their annual community outreach barn dance.  What a treat.   The food was surprisingly good for a church event (no casseroles here folks) and the activities were perfect.  Hay rides, pony rides, huge blow up slides, face painting by an adorable 10-year-old, animal petting “zoo”, homemade pie station, live music.  You name it they had it.

Smiles all around!

things to do in bozemen with kids

things to do in bozeman montana with kids

things to do in bozeman montana

There are many more fun things to do in Bozeman.  We look forward to exploring it more on our next visit!

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