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Review of Penske Truck Rental and 1-800-Pack-Rat

Penske, PODS or Pack-Rat?

We originally secured a storage container similar to the PODS from a company called 1-800-Pack-Rat.  We loved the idea of using them because it takes so much hassle out of moving.  Like the PODS, 1-800-Pack-Rat will drop off the container when and wherever you want them to and pick it up when you are ready.  This is ideal as it allows you to pack at your leisure.  Once you are ready for them to pick it up, either have them deliver it next door or across the country.

If you are planning an epic road trip between moves like we did (come on you know you want to) just have them store your container in one of their secure temperature controlled storage facilities.  They charge a monthly fee which is comparable to standard storage space and will hold it for as long as you’d like.  They even throw in 30 days free when you sign up with them.  The downside is that 1-800-Pack-Rat only allow for a 6000 lb weight limit for each large unit, which isn’t bad unless you are:

  • Collecting books with the express purpose of opening a library soon
  • Are a scrap metal collector who needs an intervention for hoarding
  • Us and our food storage!!!  Yep, as soon as I started packing up our disaster supplies I knew we were doomed!  Everyone I know that has used 1-800-Pack-Rat has been extremely happy with their service, maybe once we burn through all these rice and beans we’ll get a chance to see for ourselves!

penske truck rental

Why We Chose Penske over the Competition:

In the end Penske Truck Rental was a better fit for us.  After getting rid of a bunch of our stuff we still had a large amount to transfer to storage.  We would have needed at least 2  1-800-Pack-Rat storage containers to fit the same amount as one 26 foot Penske Truck Rental.

Save Money with Penske Using this Method:

If you are planning a move and looking into how to save money on these services you can save BIG by knowing a few tips:

  • Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate!  We were able to get 1-800-Pack-Rat down to $1400 for one large container by asking for their best price.  And then asking again!
  • One trick is to fill out the online form (this is what we did with Penske Truck Rental) and go through the entire ordering process but not actually pay.  This will ensure a call back from a Penske representative who will then give you an even better price than any online “special”.
  • Be sure to use your AAA discount to get the best deal possible.  Don’t forget your AAA card when you go to pick up your truck.
  • If you plan to drop off your Penske Truck Rental after hours be sure to use a location that allows for after hours drop-offs.

I sincerely hope this helps you as you decide the best way to transition from one place to another.  Moving can be so overwhelming!  All the best to you 🙂

Emily Oak Home Sweet Road