Exciting Announcement! The StrongLuv Relationship Experiment

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Dreaming about, designing, and writing content for Home Sweet Road has been one of those unexpected joys of my life this past year and a half.  It has taken me by surprise how much I have genuinely enjoyed the process of being stretched to learn new technology and grow in my writing skills — don’t look too closely, I have a ways to go on that front!

At first I set out to journal our epic road trip, then as I got a little further in I wanted to create a family travel blog filled with resources to make it easier for other families to connect with and adventure together.  I committed myself to that effort but as time went by I found myself being pulled more and more towards writing about family life and relationship dynamics rather than travel.

A bit of a dilemma for a travel blog!

I wanted to pour myself into my work not just my time.  I wanted the hours to feel meaningful after they were spent.  To meet important needs my readers had.  I struggled with being limited to sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm around such a narrow topic.

Conversely, I lit up when I was able to share more personal posts and dig into the raw, messy parts of life.

Posts like:

Home Sweet Road has been a labor of love so instead of radically changing it I’ve decided to keep it a place where people can get inspired and equip for the adventures in front of them.  I’m excited to share our personal travels and other helpful tips in the months ahead!

The big news is….drum roll please…. David and I are starting a new blog!!!  You guys, this is so exciting for us.

We are kicking off our new Relationship Blog, StrongLuv.com, with three 21 day experiments in hopes of creating a Stronger bonds in the relationships that matter most.

  • Phase 1 – 21 days of practical and actionable ways to have a Stronger Marriage
  • Phase 2 – 21 days of practical and actionable ways to have a Stronger Family
  • Phase 3 – 21 days of practical and actionable ways to have a Stronger Community

For a more in depth breakdown you can read more about The Strong Luv Experiment.

We are far from experts on relational matters yet feel compelled to share our journey in hopes of it striking a chord with those of you who are frustrated with our increasingly isolated culture.  Live Passionately, Love Extravagantly is how I sign off after every blog post because it has been our motto since we got married.  The StrongLuv Project fits into that mission perfectly.

David and I are committed to sharing honestly what is working and what is disastrous along the way.  Our greatest goal is to Love Fully and Fearlessly.  We hope you’ll do the same and join us on a little LUVolution!

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I am a Mother, a Lover, a Traveler, Entrepreneur and Blogger. I crave adventure, appreciate good leather, find old weathered wood beautiful, prefer french pressed coffee, and feel alive running in the rain (albeit at a snails pace)! I believe in living passionately, loving extravagantly, taking risks, forgiving often, and living for the audience of One. I am an introvert but you wouldn’t know that if you met me. I LOVE people.