Staycation: Reap the Benefits of Vacation w/o Ever Leaving Home {Part 2}

stay-cationIn {Part 1} of our Staycation Series we looked at both the benefits and the obstacles to carving out a little rest and relaxation time for you and your family without ever leaving your hometown.   I hope that after reading about the advantages of a staycation, you have warmed up to the idea and are ready to jump in with both feet and plan one yourself!

Regardless of if you have two days to tack onto a weekend or two weeks off of work, devoting yourself to connecting with your loved ones and rediscovering your city is sure to pay off.  But remember, the key to a successful staycation is in the planning.  Avoid the temptation to ‘wing it’ and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

staycation tipsThese tips will help make your staycation as close to a “real” vacation as possible!

  • Stay Close:  The activities you do during your staycation should be close to home so you can sleep in your own bed at night.  Don’t over extend yourself and try and go somewhere too far.  The exception to this is if you want to go for one night to a fancy hotel in the city or a bed and breakfast nearby that you’ve been dying to try.  Splurge one night and save money by staying home the other nights.
  • Get Unplugged:  Leave the computer in the office and make it off limits for the duration of your staycation.  Don’t cheat!  Work can wait.  It’s vacation time baby!
  • Do Something You Haven’t Done:  We often ignore the places nearby and put them in the back of our head as things to do “someday.”  Well, someday has now come.  Or maybe there is a place you don’t even know about yet.  Research your city to find something everyone in the family will enjoy.  Paintball?  A museum?  The local dinner train?  A different beach?  A family picnic at the end of a hike?  A theatre production?   Let each family member pick one thing and work your “itinerary” around those affairs.
  • Don’t Over Do It:  You want to do fun activities on your staycation, but don’t run yourself ragged.  Don’t book yourself up with a bunch of things to do to the point where you are completely exhausted.  Factor in some downtime so you can be refreshed after your time off.  This is especially important if you have kids!
  • Splurge:  Yes!  Since you’re saving a bunch of money by sleeping at home and not going far — treat yourself.  Don’t be afraid to splurge on a nice dinner for everyone or enjoy a little R&R with an afternoon at the local spa.  There have to be a few things you have been wanting to do but were just slightly out of budget or you haven’t made time for in your daily life.  Here’s your chance!

One way to nab a fabulous {and thrifty} staycation is by using one of the popular deal sites like or  Look up what deals are going on near you now and receive email updates for new offers that become available.  Costco is another great resource.  The wholesaler offers discounted tickets to popular attractions and restaurant gift cards in your area.

Staycations are an excellent alternative to vacation and you still get that break you so desperately need.  It’s an easy and cheap way to do something special, get your mind off of your daily grind — and best of all — to connect with one another.  A little pre-planning will help ward off the temptation to do house work or anything else non-staycation related.  I hope these tips help you enjoy every minute of your time off!

In {Part 3} of our Staycation Series, I’m going to give you some creative ideas and fun activities to do no matter where you live.  I am passionate about helping others connect and forge deeper relationships with those they love — and think that taking a staycation is a great way to do that — so stay tuned for that!

What is your experience with  staycations?  If you have had one, what would you do differently next time around?

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