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If you read my any of the posts in our Scavenger Hunt Series, you know that we are always racking our brain for some good scavenger hunt ideas.  When you mix our love for road trips and our affinity for a good ol’ treasure hunt together – what you get is perfection!

roadtrip scavenger hunt ideas

Treasure hunting or playing ISpy in one way or another is something we do every time we travel any distance and we usually like to attach a prize to it.  Good healthy competition baby!  It’s a nice way to pass the time cooped up in the car and keep the kids engaged in something other than eating, arguing or complaining for hours on end.

When I put this Road Trip Scavenger Hunt together, I wanted to make it pretty generic so it would work for you no matter where you live or travel.  Obviously it won’t suit every location perfectly, but if you know of things your kids are sure to see that aren’t listed on this scavenger hunt, just write them on the back and have them check them off as they spot them.

scavenger hunt ideas road trip


Bonus points for whomever can find a pay phone!  I included that one for an extra challenge! 🙂

I hope your family enjoys this fun little treasure hunt on your next long car ride or road trip. Hopefully it will reduce the “are we there yet” interrogation from the backseat. Fingers crossed!

I am currently putting together several other scavenger hunt ideas for you – specifically for when you are out and about.   A few of them you can keep an eye out for are:

  • AIRPORT Scavenger Hunt
  • BEACH Scavenger Hunt
  • CAMPING Scavenger Hunt
  • CITY Scavenger Hunt
  • ZOO Scavenger Hunt

These are the ones I’ve published so far:

I know they are a little silly, but the kids (and me!) think they are super FUN!  If you think scavenger hunts as cool as we do make sure to check out our “scavenger hunt ideas” board on Pinterest for more great ideas!

And don’t forget about the other post I wrote about games and other ways to keep the kids entertained when you are on the road!!!

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