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I have been tossing around some scavenger hunt ideas so that I could create a couple of fun treasure hunt expeditions for the kids.  As always, I am making them available to you!  When we go on an adventure I find that our kids enjoy themselves a little more if they are on a mission.  They experience whatever it is that we are doing (site seeing, hiking, etc.) in a different way when their eyes are peeled.

scavenger hunt ideas

It’s overall more fun for everyone and produces LESS WHINING!   That in and of itself is worth spending hours of my time putting these together!

One of the coolest things we learned about ourselves on our extended road trip was that some of our favorite things to do as a family is to get out into nature.  We always knew we liked it but it wasn’t until we got bikes, visited many different state and national parks, and intentionally made time to spend in the great outdoors that we learned just how LIFE-GIVING it was.

It’s unlikely our crew will be featured in a outdoors magazine anytime soon – we aren’t hardcore enough for that – and we aren’t signing up for a family marathon or anything, but we are forcing ourselves to get out there and take it all in.

We are in Seattle, Washington now so sometimes that means putting on the raincoats before heading out.

One thing the boys have been doing together recently is Geocaching.  They have spent hours deciphering clues and hunting treasure.  These are a few geocaching apps available if you are interested in trying it for yourself.

treasure hunt ideas

I hope you enjoy this Nature Scavenger Hunt with your family. I had fun putting it together! I think this particular treasure hunt would be fun to do without the kids too – on an adventure date.  I’m working on several other scavenger hunt ideas as well so keep your eyes peeled for those.

scavenger hunt ideas

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 Happy Treasure Hunting!!!

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