Santa Ynez Valley-Solvang California Worldmark

town of solvang californiaVineyards and wineries abound in the lush and beautiful Santa Ynez Valley.  If you enjoy wine you will love the quaint Danish town of Solvang, California.  But since wine country is not usually associated with family fun, I thought I would write a review of our time at the Santa Ynez Valley – Solvang California Worldmark Resort to help you decide whether or not you want to add Solvang to your vacation itinerary!

We stayed at the Solvang Worldmark near the beginning of our Epic Road Trip and were so happy with our experience there.  While the town was far from engineered for children, the Worldmark Resort itself was perfect for our three kids! 

worldmark solvang california

worldmark solvang

solvang worldmark

solvang worldmark resort

solvang california worldmark

The Solvang Worldmark Resort was smaller than some of the fancier places we stayed and didn’t have staff led activities any of the days we were there but with a foosball table, pool table, and table tennis in the clubhouse along with an open movie viewing area, the kids were pretty happy regardless.

By far the best part for me was the 1’6″ kiddie pool.  While I hung out in the hot tub they could play in the pool without me worrying about them drowning.  Since none of our kids knew how to swim at the time it was always a little overwhelming taking all three of them to the pool by myself.

Of all the resorts and hotels we stayed in on our 4 month road trip, this pool was by far my favorite for that one reason!

solvang worldmark pool

solvang california worldmark pool

What we liked about Solvang California Worldmark:

  • The Worldmark Resort was very kid friendly
  • The main part of the town is a short walk from the Worldmark
  • While not the most luxurious accommodations Worldmark Solvang was fresh, clean, and was perfectly suited for a family getaway
  • The kiddie pool, of coarse!
  • A nice family game area
  • Grilling Patios
  • Friendly front desk and facility personnel

solvang california worldmark clubhouse

solvang california clubhouse

What we didn’t like about Solvang California Worldmark:

  • No bike trails nearby – though there is a short path behind the resort which would be a good place for a short walk

*We were in no way compensated for staying at Worldmark Solvang and writing this review…we just liked it that much:)

Tips for Traveling to Solvang with Kids:

  • Eat out for lunch in order to experience the authentic Danish cuisine with out breaking the bank.
  • There is a Subway on Mission- the main strip if your kids don’t like to try different kinds of food.
  • If you are NOT staying at the Worldmark make sure to research beforehand to ensure there is stuff for them to do where you will be staying.
  • Don’t miss Ostrich Land.  A local ostrich farm where you can feed the big birds!  Click on that link to watch a funny video of our time there!!!
  • Pastries galore in town – Yumm!  And many are big enough to share!

visit solvang california

The town is well kept and feels like a great little getaway from the hustle and bustle you associate with California.  I would love to go there again!

I hope you found this review helpful.  I heartily recommend staying at this worldmark, especially if you are going to Solvang with your children.  I also wrote about FREE things to do in Santa Barbara if you are interested!

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