Our Epic Road Trip from Start to Finish

family road trip

I wanted to do a post that made it easy to follow the trip that got Home Sweet Road started.  This is an outline of where we went and what we saw.  I will link new posts to this master list as I publish them.  Hope you enjoy what I have up so far:)

The Dream is Hatched

Remember we Sold Our House in Kansas City after an unforgettable 5 years of making some of the best friends you could ask for.  From there we planned on a whim – and under the influence of a sugar high – to take the real long way to our final destination, in the Boulder, CO area.  And that is when the idea of an open ended road trip was birthed.

The Road Trip Begins

  •  Our Adventure Begins.  After dropping our stuff in a Denver storage unit we headed to our first stop in Bozeman, MT.
  • From Bozeman we drove to the Seattle area (where we are originally from) to visit our families, attend my brothers wedding and throw my dad his 60th birthday party.  We didn’t know when we would be back so we made sure to do lots of fun stuff while we were there.

A Few Highlights from Seattle

 Oregon, Northern California & Nevada

 Living the Dream in California

  • From Lake Tahoe we Drove Through the Basin to Yosemite
  • Completely Missed the Redwoods.  Twice.
  • Became Convinced that I Got Pregnant – by Accident
  • Reconnected with Dear Friends in Fresno
  • Took Girlr to the Beach for First Time
  • Explored Pismo
  • Stayed in a Little Danish Town
  • Almost got our Hands Bit off Feeding the Ostriches
  • Blasted past LA on our way to San Diego
  • Almost got Ran Over on our Bikes
  • Hit up LEGOLAND & the (Lame) Aquarium – Sorry, not Impressed – Other than Brick-or-Treat, of Coarse
  • Toured the Taylor Guitar Factory
  • Went to Joshua Tree

On the Road in Arizona

  • Seriously LOVED Scottsdale
  • Had the Best Enchiladas of our Lives in Sedona
  • Went to the Grand Canyon

Oh How I Love Utah

  • Enjoyed Zion National Park in Utah
  • Hung out in Park City
  • Visited Family and had the Best Pizza of my Entire Life [made by my cousin who owns a food truck] – On the heals of Sedona’s enchiladas, it sounds like I’m exaggerating — I’m Not!
  • Learned what it Takes to Become an Olympian
  • Celebrated Howl-O-Ween in a Dog Lovers Town
  • Walked with the Dinosaurs

Colorado is Calling

  • Went to Breckenridge
  • Took the Kids to Adventures in Odyssey
  • Got Equipped for Ski Season
  • Wept after Fulfilling a Life Long Dream
  • Fell Asleep in the Snow
  • Broke My Nose
  • Got Medical Attention after Running into a Fence Post (unfortunately unrelated to breaking my nose)
  • Hung out in Vail
  • Unknowingly Booked the Most Horrendous Accommodations.  It was bad my friends!
  • Had Turkey from a Green egg
  • Fell in love with Beaver Creek

The Road Home

Little did we know that God would throw a wrench in our plans to settle down nestled up to the Rockie Mountains because He had something so much better in store for us.  By so much better, I mean, something that we would never have planned for ourselves!!!  Funny how life sneaks up on you sometimes.

Our adventures continue.  They may not be full time, but they are full force and full fun!  Thanks for going on this journey with us!

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