An Unusual Classroom at the Pacific Science Center

What you will find in the bathrooms at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle may make your stomach turn, but I assure you, the kids will learn a thing or two!  You are there to expand your knowledge after all and the folks at the education center came up with a disgusting lesson about the human body – and it’s waste – that is guaranteed to make your kids take notice. They may love it, they may hate it – but chances are they won’t easily forget it!

pacific science center

seattle science center

pacific science center
seattle science center with kids
pacific science center education

And there you have it.  The reason every boy should visit the Pacific Science Center pronto!

I am not sure what it is in the hardwiring of every boy that innately responds to potty jokes and bathroom humor but it is inescapable.  So, I guess, taking them to learn a thing or two in the Center’s bathrooms is one way for us moms to embrace it.  You know I am a big fan of RoadSchooling and taking every opportunity to make learning fun for my little tribe so I was all for it.  You gotta love boys!  The things that excite them and get them talking.

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