How to be on a Reality Show

how to be on a reality showEvery wondered how you could be on a reality show?  Well, recently we were contacted by a casting producer to be on Bravos! upcoming TV Reality Show about parenting.  I was flattered.

Below is part of the correspondence we received:

I’m working with an award-winning production company and a top-rated national cable network to cast a new documentary series that will explore unique perspectives on parenting. I enjoy your blog and I think you might be a good fit for the show. This would be a great opportunity for you to share your insight and expertise with a much larger audience. 

We couldn’t figure out why a prominent production company would be interested in featuring our family on the show because nothing in the letter stated why they thought we would be a good fit.  We aren’t particularly talented or witty — pretty average actually, so why us?

After some sneaky research online I discovered that the new show we were being considered for was working under the title of EXTREME PARENTING!!!  Whaaaaa?

Turns out Road Schooling is considered extreme!  Who knew?  Long story short we will NOT be featured on the show since we are not currently Road Schooling full time.  My only hope is that the family that IS featured does the movement proud!

Reality shows are notorious for editing relatively “normal” people into being days away from needing to be institutionalized.  I guess we dodged a bullet on that one!

The moral of the story is that if you want to be contacted by a large network to be part of their upcoming reality series, do something out of the box that few people have heard of.  Blog about it.  And then act like everyone else is WRONG or IGNORANT!

I didn’t do that part because I DON’T believe homeschooling on the road is for everyone, plus I was still in shock that they pegged us as extremists!  I could tell though, that they were fishing for someone who was willing to throw down over whatever they were passionate about!  It makes good television after all:)

I’m curious to hear what you think.  Do you think Road Schooling is extreme?

Emily Eck

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