Blessing Bags for Homeless People — Card Printables

blessing bag diy for the homeless
One of the things we wanted to add to our Blessing Bags for the homeless of our area were hand made cards.  We included 3 in the Blessing Bag / Backpacks and one in the Standard Blessing Bags we put together.  The cards are meant to be opened on different days to remind them that they are not alone, but I don’t really care if they open them all at once!

These Encouraging Cards for the Homeless included:

  1. One to open on CHRISTMAS — which we wrote a scripture verse and a note of encouragement
  2. One to open when you are FEELING DOWN — we wanted to lift their spirits with a little bit of sunshine!
  3. One to open on your BIRTHDAY — in this card we included $5 to buy themselves a pastry or cupcake at their favorite bakery.  We also added little “balloons” which we made by gluing two cut circles together with a toothpick in the middle.  We thought it would be nice to decorate their birthday treat.  I doubt that whoever gets the bags will actually wait until their birthday to open the card but it’s not my business and I just want them to feel so cared for.

Hand making cards can be an undertaking, especially if it’s not your thing and you are making a bunch of blessing bags, so I went ahead and made some for you to print out and cut to size if you’d like.

I loved a card I saw from another blogger.  What she wrote was so heartfelt.  Since I always freeze when it comes to writing something profound or awesome in cards I just went ahead and stole the words right off of her Pinterest board!  Thank you Blair!  She has a wonderful Blessing Bag Post.  Another great post from Joy’s Hope features the “blessed to bless” bag project that she did with her family.  Love it!  You should check them out!

If you decide to print these cards out for your Blessing Bags, make sure to use card stock.

blessing bags printables for homeless people

Cut this in two and insert into two separate bags. I love these words. I found them on pinterest!

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christmas card printable

You can cut these and use them as four separate post cards or fold them to make two!


you are a masterpiece printable

You can print this out and use it for two separate cards. These are my favorite!


Birthday card printable

I specifically made this so that you could cut out the circles and make them into little “balloons” like I did, and use the front as a birthday post card OR you could just cut it in two and fold it over for a more traditional card.


I hope these blessing bag card printables will help you add a special touch to your bags or backpacks!  For more inspiration on this project check out my blessing bag and homeless boards on Pinterest.  You can link to them below.

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