Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Alone

We have been blessed with some pretty awesome friends in our lives.  When The Man’s best friend Craig Stevens found out we were moving he insisted on flying out from Seattle to help us.  Little did any of us know at that time that we would be dropping our stuff off at a storage unit and packing up our van, Ol’ Faithful, for the adventure of a lifetime.  Of all of our friends, Craig epitomizes risk taking and living with a wild abandon.  We love that about him, what a perfect friend to help us kick things off!

By Emily Oak

I am a Mother, a Lover, a Traveler, Entrepreneur and Blogger. I crave adventure, appreciate good leather, find old weathered wood beautiful, prefer french pressed coffee, and feel alive running in the rain (albeit at a snails pace)! I believe in living passionately, loving extravagantly, taking risks, forgiving often, and living for the audience of One. I am an introvert but you wouldn’t know that if you met me. I LOVE people.

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