Eating Fried Frog Legs – Frog Legs Recipe Included!

I took the leap and tried fried frog legs for the first time recently and have to say, I showed ridiculously poor frog leg eating skill and etiquette.  I was so worked up with the idea of eating fried frog legs for the first time that it never occurred to me that they wouldn’t be boneless.


My brain totally went blank.  It took a while to compute that I had just bit into bone.  I actually thought – wow, this is really tough meat!

fried frog legs

fried frog legs

frog legs

frog leg recipes

I can’t say I’ll be lining up for fried frog legs again any time soon.  They were basically deep fat fried bones with very little meat on them.  It was fine.  But, i mean, I just ate fried frog legs!  Cool right?  The boys were pretty impressed.  Unfortunately, it was girls night out so my little guys didn’t get in on the action.

We will have to remedy that.

As a little girl we had a lot of foreign exchange students in and out of our house.  They introduced us to all kinds of “strange” ethnic foods.  I basically grew up on fish head soup and yogurt cake so I guess once you’ve gone down that path it’s not a big stretch to find yourself bellied up to a frog leg buffet.

Seems like a pretty natural conclusion to me.

Whether you are in a far away land or your own backyard, experiencing culture through food is so much fun! If you want to try fried frog legs for yourself, here is a recipe.  Go for it!  Chances are your kids will think you are hardcore!

So it was me vs. fried frog legs.  The frog legs came out on top.  But I’ve learned a few things, and next time around they won’t be so lucky.

What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever tried?
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