Dramatic Turn

We didn’t fall off the face of the earth.  Though you wouldn’t know it from the blog, we are alive! I must have 40 blogs nearly finished and ready to post with photos which couldn’t possibly capture the beauty we experienced from months on the road. I can’t wait to share them with you. It was some of the best times of our lives. There were dreams fulfilled and lots of happy, thankful tears.

And while we had the most amazing time we also had some of the most challenging! Have you ever been in crisis when all you could do was what was right in front of you? When anything peripheral was just gonna have to wait. I have had to put connecting with dear friends and adding to this blog on the back burner for the short-term so we could address the most pressing needs in our life. I have to step back and remember that seasons come and go. We won’t be in crisis forever.

Without going into great detail I will tell you that my son has some health issues which escalated out of our control while on the road.  He needed stability – monotony even.  He has a diagnosis, but he is a child and I want to protect him.  I want him to be known for his heart, not his hardship.  Unless you have spent time with him and know the treasure of this child and his history of excruciating pain, multiple surgeries, specialists, meds, counseling, etc. a quick post would rob you of the full picture. Maybe someday I’ll share. When I’m not so raw.

That said, our life has taken a dramatic turn.  We had to make tough decisions in a relatively short period based on what was best for our family.  Our children.  Originally the doors were wide open for us in Colorado and the plan was to settle in north Denver/Boulder after a month of skiing in the Rockies (during which time I may or may not have broken my nose;)) and build our business there.

It became clear very quickly that what we needed was to be near family.  Our kids needed their grandparents.  Starting over in an entirely new place seemed ridiculous considering what we were facing. So, we are back where we never thought we would be – in Seattle.  As I have said in previous blogs I appreciate the Pacific Northwest more now then I ever have.  Grey skies and endless rain get to me but when the sun breaks through the clouds – WOW!

It’s not what we planned.  It’s not where we hoped to be.  But, for the time being it’s right.  So thank you for your patience.  For those of you who have tracked with us, I’m sorry to have kept you hanging.  I hope the posts to come next will be worth the wait and when I add something you can smile for me and know that I am slowly getting back on my feet!

Here’s an UPDATE🙂

Emily Eck Home Sweet Road

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” ~ Alan Watts

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