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cool shoes fry bootsWhen talking about shoes and boots that will go the distance — The Frye Company makes some freaking COOL SHOES!

Before having kids that I packed on my back all over the place, I chose high heals over comfort and quantity over quality.  Just like your heart changes when you have children, your feet do too.  Your desire to be stylish gets bumped down on the priority list a bit – that’s why as a mom and a traveler, I’m so glad I stumbled upon this quality, cool shoe company.

If I had to choose between never having a good pair of leather boots again or never having chocolate again, it would be a toss up.  I kid you not.

Not because I don’t LOVE chocolate.  I do — dark chocolate specifically — and consume it on a daily basis.  For me, good leather boots are really that awesome.  My current favorites are from the Frye Company.  Frye boots are the reason behind my love affair with good leather.  That, and our friends amazing couch.

Do I sound creepy yet?!

Peta hates me.

If this is a complete foreign concept to you, you most likely do not own a pair of good boots that fit your feet just right.  I know I didn’t until just a few years ago.  I discovered them by accident and have been wrecked ever since!  I never would have looked twice at my Frye boots due to budget but the pair I found was heavily discounted and I had some christmas money to burn.  Looking back — not a penny wasted!

The ones photographed do have a slight heal – which i don’t recommend if you are going to be walking the city for hours – but a quality pair of leather shoes usually have much better support than cheap ones and I wanted to show you the ones I originally fell in love with to illustrate the point that if you do invest in a quality pair you will have them for years to come.   I have had these for around five years and while they could use a polish they are about as good as when I purchased them.

cool shoes frye company

cool shoes fryeI like mine so much I created an entire tradition around them!  I am a frugal girl for the most part but when it comes to my feet I like to get a quality pair of boots made of good leather.  After christmas each year, I take money I have been given or some that’s left over and splurge on a solid pair.  I find a style that I can dress up or down so I can get some good life out of them.  It makes me {and my back} happy.

Join me in my tradition this Christmas and get yourself a pair!  These are my current favs.  Click on the image if you want to get more info about them from amazon!


What about you?  Did your preference in shoes change after having kids?

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