Be Curious, Be Brave

My personal theme for the year is to Be Curious & Be Brave.  I’m not big on setting new years resolutions and goals.  They don’t inspire me – AT ALL.  What does inspire me is the idea of challenging myself to be more authentic, passionate, generous, forgiving, thoughtful, open, and courageous every day. When we […]

Homemade Christmas Gifts

I wanted to share with you some quick and easy Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas just in case you are anything like me and have really good intentions and poor overall follow through when it comes to giving neighbors, teachers, friends or family meaningful gifts. I am a horrendous baker so I can’t just whip up […]

Family Tradition – Words of LIFE Handmade Christmas Ornaments

We are starting a new family tradition this Christmas, and I just love it.  This is a brilliant one for me because unlike other Martha Stewart Super Moms, I have 3 unfinished baby books and countless scrapbooks which have yet to be cracked open.   So any family tradition that can play double duty is […]

Eating Fried Frog Legs – Frog Legs Recipe Included!

I took the leap and tried fried frog legs for the first time recently and have to say, I showed ridiculously poor frog leg eating skill and etiquette.  I was so worked up with the idea of eating fried frog legs for the first time that it never occurred to me that they wouldn’t be […]

Living in Seattle – One Year Later

It’s amazing the difference a year makes.  This week marks one year since we moved back to Seattle.  We were originally going to settle down somewhere in or near Boulder, Colorado.  We wanted to be nestled up against the rocky mountains after having lived in the flats of the midwest for five years.  We dropped […]

Free Kowalli Baby Gear Giveaway at My Rad Dad!

Kowalli Baby Gear Giveaway Contest Our friends over at My Rad Dad have a contest where they are giving away some really cool Kowalli baby gear. The Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover, KozyHats and SnuggleBoots are high-performance outerwear that work with active lifestyles. Kowalli has agreed to give away a Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover. That means 2 people […]

Last Train to Awesometown

Home Sweet Road Theme Song! Feast your ears on this! Last Train to Awesometown is the theme song for Home Sweet Road and our family adventures. We play it loud and dance around every time we hear it. It never gets old. Just a fun, silly song. Hope you enjoy it:)

The Adventure Begins – Our First Stop

On Our Way to Bozeman, MT We had originally arranged to drop our belongings off in Denver at the storage unit we rented and stay the night at our friends’ home to get a good night sleep after the grueling move.  You never know what’s going to happen when you travel with kids. Those plans changed […]

Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Alone

We have been blessed with some pretty awesome friends in our lives.  When The Man’s best friend Craig Stevens found out we were moving he insisted on flying out from Seattle to help us.  Little did any of us know at that time that we would be dropping our stuff off at a storage unit […]

Review of Penske Truck Rental and 1-800-Pack-Rat

Penske, PODS or Pack-Rat? We originally secured a storage container similar to the PODS from a company called 1-800-Pack-Rat.  We loved the idea of using them because it takes so much hassle out of moving.  Like the PODS, 1-800-Pack-Rat will drop off the container when and wherever you want them to and pick it up […]