Quality, Comfortable Cool Shoes

As you know from my style posts here on the blog, quality trumps a low price tag every time. And you know how much I love a good deal! I am so glad that we found out about Merrell Trail shoes last year. While 4 out of the 5 of us own our own pair, […]

Upcycle Old T-Shirts with this Dip Dye Technique

  I’m not sure if it’s my shape or what but I have at least half a dozen long sleeve shirts that just do nothing for me, so when I saw an Upcycle T-Shirt Project on Pinterest, using the Dip Dye method, I knew I had to give it a go.  When most people think […]

My Favorite – Tea Collection Clothing

Globally-Inspired Children’s Clothes for Little Citizens of the World – My Favorite! Tea is among my favorite brands of children’s clothing.  I have appreciated their stylish designs and use of quality and comfortable materials since the kids were little.  Despite those factors, the thing I like the most about Tea is their focus on inclusion […]

Quality, Comfortable & Cool Shoes – The Frye Company!

When talking about shoes and boots that will go the distance — The Frye Company makes some freaking COOL SHOES! Before having kids that I packed on my back all over the place, I chose high heals over comfort and quantity over quality.  Just like your heart changes when you have children, your feet do […]

The One Rule Every Mom Should Break when Packing for Vacation

When you read articles about how to pack or what to bring on vacation you will hear the same mantra over and over again.  Less is More.  Heck, I have written about packing light myself.  It goes without saying that packing less frees you from the unnecessary burden of shlepping your non-essentials around with you […]