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Traveling with Kids – Why You Should Fight for It!

Let’s keep it real for a minute.  Traveling with kids is not for the faint of heart!  Navigating new cities and cultures can feel a little like walking around in the dark.  Each family has unique challenges- and when those challenges present themselves it can hurt.  Bad.

But if you determine to get out of your comfort zone and explore the world in new ways, you and your kids have some of the most tremendous, life altering times ahead.  

traveling good for kidsTraveling for your family may be uncharted territory.

If your globetrotting experience turns out resembling anything like ours, you will have some trying times along the way.  Your patience may wear thin, expectations get a dose of reality, and you may even wonder what the heck you have gotten yourself into.

It’s true that kids can be loud, precocious, difficult to manage, and moody(they are smaller versions of us after all),  but if we let their worst moments (and our biggest fears) determine the level of interaction our family has with the world around us- most of us would be confined to the same four walls until they grow up.

I hear about kids who don’t throw tantrums in public.  I did not bear them.

My kids don’t care who is watching. Meltdowns can happen just about anywhere, at anytime.  And not only does it try my patience, it can be really embarrassing.

In the end, The Man and I purpose to live free of fear.  Fear of looking foolish, fear of what others think of us, fear of what bad things might happen…..basically all the thoughts that suck the life out of you, and tempt you to shut down.

Because, you know what I fear more than those things?  Living a lukewarm, passionless life  — and raising our children to do the same.

crazy kidsYears ago I heard a phrase regarding raising children- especially young children- that has stuck with me to this day.  “The days seem long but the years fly by!”  Isn’t that profound?  Our kids aren’t going to be small forever.  And this little bit of time we have with them will help mold the kind of people they will be their entire lives.

Weighty stuff, right there.

Life is meant to be LIVED.  You have to protect your time, fight for it even.  Despite their size, our little ones have the same innate need to discover, question and explore as we do.  More so even.  And if we don’t fight for the time to get out there- we lose it.

Exposing our kids to new cultures/subcultures and experiences helps them form a worldview that is more centered in reality.  They discover the beauty in difference, become acquainted with the struggles of the needy, and learn that fear is a liar.

Exploration is an essential part of life.  Of growth.

So even though traveling with children is profoundly exhausting and difficult at times, I think it’s important to step back and try to see it from the bigger picture.

Because it may take a lot to raise little world travelers, but it takes everything to raise WORLD CHANGERS!

And that’s what I’m after.

raising world changersYes, they can be loud, precocious, difficult to manage, and moody.  And, yes, leaving the comfort of home can be super hard to pull off.  But, trust me, seeing them light up by trying something new, discovering things they never knew existed, overcoming something they were previously afraid of, or having new empathy for the poor is worth every bit of effort and inconvenience.

Those things are precious and worth fighting for!  And a true sign that they are going places!

*Read about how my kids’ interaction with a Pink haired girl named “Gypsy” made me realize that our efforts were paying off!

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I Screwed Up!

I screwed upWell guys, I screwed up!  When we originally put this website together we knew very little about what things we needed to include to make it functional and user friendly.  We aren’t web designers or coders and the moral of the story is….you get what you pay for!

The more I thought about it though, the more I wanted this space to serve as not only as a log of our family adventures but a resource for other families who wanted to travel and explore as well.  Unfortunately there were several things about the way it functioned that I just couldn’t get past and knew we needed an entirely different framework to improve user experience.

I could have published the stuff I’ve already written but decided not to until the site has been redesigned. We are still a ways out so hang in there!  Its gonna be wonky for a while longer(we lost all comments, there is visible coding in some of the old posts that need to be deleted, and the new stuff I’m adding is going to seem misplaced until its all pulled together, etc.).   My goal is to have all the kinks worked out by the end of summer.

On a personal note, we are so thankful to be back in the Seattle area near family and old friends.  We are catching our breath, getting answers to some medical problems, and will be moving into our new home in 2 weeks!  David will get our stuff out of storage in Denver and (after living out of our suitcases for 10 months) I’m expecting it to feel like CHRISTMAS!


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Take Your Family On A Cheap Seattle Dinner Cruise For $31!

A cheap Seattle “dinner cruise” for a family of 5 for only $31!!!  If you are in the Seattle area or planning a vacation there you should seriously consider doing this!  We had the best time.  The food was fantastic, the views amazing, and the kids loved it.

Traveling with kids can be expensive, that’s why I am on a mission to find creative ways to give my kids the time of their lives without breaking the bank.  My hope for this website is to pass some of those ideas on so you can too!

Here is what to do!

  • #1  Head to the waterfront and park near Ye Olde Curiosity Shop.
  • #2  Go to The Alaskan Sourdough Bread Company and buy a big loaf of bread.  Be sure to have them slice it for you.
  • #3  Go to the world-famous Ivar’s Fish Bar and get some yummy clam chowder to go.  We got the largest size they sell, the tanker, which with the sourdough bread was plenty for our family to share.   If you haven’t had Ivar’s chowder be sure to try it.  You will not be disappointed!
  • #4  Next, walk towards the ferry and buy tickets for the Bremerton ferry.  You only have to pay for one direction even though you will be taking the ferry round trip.
  • #5  Hop on board the ferry to Bremerton and enjoy your family dinner cruise!

Pros:  Cheap Seattle Dinner Cruise

  • This is the kind of boat ride where you don’t have to worry about your kids’ behavior too much.  You can let them run wild outside to get their energy out!  We raced and played tag
  • You will enjoy some of the best views of the Puget Sound.
  • Inexpensive – Especially for a boat ride!

Cons:  Cheap Seattle Dinner Cruise

  • Can be pretty cold outside the ferry.
  • This is a commuter ferry so it can be very busy.
  • Parking on the waterfront can be difficult to find and expensive.
  • Seattle traffic is a nightmare; give yourself plenty of time to get downtown.  Here’s a link to the parking prices.  In most places if you park after 6PM you won’t have to pay to park.

Travel With Kids Travel Tips:  Cheap Seattle Dinner Cruise

  • Make sure to save a slice or two of bread to feed the seagulls with.  They will come swarming.
  • Make sure to go through the right turn style so you get on the right boat.  We almost went to Bainbridge Island!
  • Layer your clothes so when night falls or rain comes you can still enjoy the ride.