Traveling with Kids – Why You Should Fight for It!

Let’s keep it real for a minute.  Traveling with kids is not for the faint of heart!  Navigating new cities and cultures can feel a little like walking around in the dark.  Each family has unique challenges- and when those challenges present themselves it can hurt.  Bad. But if you determine to get out of […]

I Screwed Up!

Well guys, I screwed up!  When we originally put this website together we knew very little about what things we needed to include to make it functional and user friendly.  We aren’t web designers or coders and the moral of the story is….you get what you pay for! The more I thought about it though, […]

Take Your Family On A Cheap Seattle Dinner Cruise For $31!

A cheap Seattle “dinner cruise” for a family of 5 for only $31!!!  If you are in the Seattle area or planning a vacation there you should seriously consider doing this!  We had the best time.  The food was fantastic, the views amazing, and the kids loved it. Traveling with kids can be expensive, that’s […]