My Favorite – Tea Collection Clothing

Globally-Inspired Children’s Clothes for Little Citizens of the World – My Favorite! Tea is among my favorite brands of children’s clothing.  I have appreciated their stylish designs and use of quality and comfortable materials since the kids were little.  Despite those factors, the thing I like the most about Tea is their focus on inclusion […]

Healthy Snacks – Fat Burning Popcorn

I have already shared with you some of our favorite healthy gluten free snacks for the road and in light of the new year being a time when people are trying to shed a couple pounds and look and feel their best, I thought it would be fun to tell you about one of my […]

Quality, Comfortable & Cool Shoes – The Frye Company!

When talking about shoes and boots that will go the distance — The Frye Company makes some freaking COOL SHOES! Before having kids that I packed on my back all over the place, I chose high heals over comfort and quantity over quality.  Just like your heart changes when you have children, your feet do […]