Breckenridge Snow Report – Fresh Snow with a Chance of Tears

There was great anticipation in the van as David looked up the Breckenridge Snow Report for the next day.  The snow was to blanket the mountain overnight and continue to fall the next day.  Fresh powder, on the day his boyhood dream was to become a reality!

He would finally get his chance to ski the coveted slopes of Breckenridge – or “Breck” as the locals call it.  He had fantasized about this moment since he first learned to ski in the early 80’s.  Riffling through winter sport magazines, imagining himself floating on the powder above the tree line.

Breckenridge Snow Report

He had skied in places like Whistler, Snowbird, Mt. Bachelor, and Park City – but never Breck.

We spent several days in the quaint mountain town already enjoying all it had to offer before the snow fell enough for the lifts to open.  As a family, we had ample time to gather gear from local businesses that would keep us warm in the colder climate.  We were happy to find a fully stocked reuse sports store in the next town over where we scored awesome deals on almost everything we needed – a relief because all we had with us was what would fit in a few suitcases.  We had been on the road since summer and those clothes weren’t transitioning real well.

kids breckenridge

David got fitted for special hard boots because he has funny little bone spurs on the tops of his feet so regular boots never fit right.  They were an investment but we were okay with dropping the dough because we were hopeful that this was our new family sport.  If you read {Part 1} of the Breckenridge Snow Report series you already know how that turned out!

ski in breckenridge

ski boots breckenridge

David was thrilled for the kids and I to become personally acquainted with the sport that meant so much to him growing up.  He was so kind to give us plenty of time on the snow before he hit the mountain himself.  Up and down we went on the magic carpet while he took care of Girlr and watched while the boys and I fell and got back up ad nauseum trying to figure out how to keep our skis steady underneath of us.

breckenridge snow report

 breckenridge snow report

He was so patient.  Just content to be in Breckenridge at all.  But I knew below the surface he was dying to get out there himself and see if it was really as good as he had always dreamed it would be.  I wasn’t with him on the slopes that day but all I know is what happened when he came back.

Breckenridge Snow Report

 Breckenridge Snow Report

Tears of gratitude.

He just came back and wept.  So thankful for being able to fulfill a dream that he didn’t anticipate happening until much later.  Part of what made it all the sweeter was that so many things in our life were falling apart all around us and here we were being blessed beyond belief.  Things were hard.  REALLY hard in so many ways and yet all we could do was thank God for His provision and goodness.  I will never forget the weeks we spent in that glorious and terrible place!

Stay tuned for the last in this Breckenridge Snow Report Series (silly name, I know) to find out what happened with E on those treacherous mountains!  And don’t forget to like our page on FB if you haven’t already!

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