Blessing Bags for the Homeless – Finished Project!

blessing bags homeless
If you have been following my Blessing Bags for the Homeless Series, you know that our family has been busy putting the bags together.  We wanted to make them extra special and document it along the way so that you guys would have some resources to help you make blessing bags of your own.  I published the Basic Blessing Bag Checklist, the Blessing BACKPACK Checklist, Card Printables to personalize your bags and encourage the receiver, and even Inspiration from Mother Teresa! Now you get to see how they turned out!!! These blessing bags are smaller than the backpacks obviously but they are so nice to have on hand in the van with us so that when we come across someone asking for help at an intersection we can hand it to them out the window.

blessing bags for the homeless

I posted several videos on YouTube to help people who are interested in putting these bags together.  I’m only linking to two of them in this post.  If you want to see all of them you can check them out at my Home Sweet Road YouTube channel.

If you want to do something a little more elaborate check out the video I did on Blessing Backpacks for the Homeless

We also put together some blessing bags for KIDS.  You won’t generally see homeless kids running around downtown, however, sometimes the homeless people that you do encounter have children.  Sometimes they are in transitional housing or shelters.  We wanted to make a few bags for children who are in this unfortunate situation.

In an effort to make putting these bags together as easy as possible for you, I gathered some items that you can just click add to cart and Amazon will send them right to your door.  Doesn’t get much easier than that friends!

If you do end up doing this with your family make sure to set appropriate expectations for your children regarding the reaction of the receiver.  It can be disappointing for our little guys if they are expecting a big response and don’t get it.

I really hope the resources I pulled together help you serve those who really need it this season.  Don’t forget to follow my homeless and blessing bag Pinterest boards for more inspiration.

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