Airplane Carry-on List

airplane carry-on check list

Here is your extensive list for any & all carry-on items.  Be mindful of the pesky fact that you will indeed be carrying these things for the duration of your trip with child and/or baby in hand.  Have mercy!

Bring only what you know you need!

Airplane Carry-On List:


  • __ Passport and ID’s
  • __ Credit cards, travelers checks, cash (Check the currency exchange rate)
  • __ Travel insurance information
  • __ Plane tickets
  • __ Hotel reservations
  • __ Itinerary
  • __ Vaccination records (Usually a yellow card given by your doctor)


Bring two outfits for everyone. You never know if your bags will get temporarily lost.

  • __ Tops
  • __ Bottoms
  • __ Undergarments

Baby and Children’s Items:

  • __ Diapers and plastic bags for disposal (Bring twice as much as you think you need)
  • __ Wipes
  • __ Toys and entertainment

*Quiet toys work best! Books, coloring books, movies on a portable player… 

  • __ Bottle or sippy cup
  • __ Formula –  Powdered only for your carry on. Otherwise, you must buy it at the airport after security checks you in. (Request a bottle of water for mixing. Never drink the airplanes sink water)
  • __ Baby harness for airplane seat if needed (Careful- CARES seems to be the only FFA approved harness at this time)
  • __ Their favorite PJ’s so they know it’s bedtime on the plane
  • __ Packaged snacks such as cereal and fruit snacks
  • __ Their comfort blanket, stuffed animal, toy


  • __ Medicine (Don’t check this in just in case the bags get lost)
  • __ Camera and other electronics (Don’t take the risk of checking them in)
  • __ Travel guidebook- You can read it on your flight!
  • __ Jackets or sarong/blanket- Planes often get cold

Important points to consider:

  • It’s important to be careful with what liquids you are allowed to bring on the plane. Check out TSA’s website for their official rules.
  • Don’t bring snacks that will make a mess or cause someone nearby any discomfort- A peanut butter snack can cause someone’s allergies to go haywire!

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