About Home Sweet Road

If you’re the type of family that wants to find ways to live intentionally and make lasting memories in your everyday life & while you travel, but don’t have the time or resources to pull it off, you are in the right place!  Here you will find tips and tricks on all things family life & travel.

As I said in the welcome video, it is my goal to help strengthen you as a family and fill Home Sweet Road with resources that will help you connect to the world and each other in new and meaningful ways.  Whether it’s through decorating your home with things you’ve made together,  creating new family traditions, or discovering far away lands – I hope this space serves as inspiration for you to live passionately and love extravagantly every single day!

A little about us personally…

After exchanging vows we jumped off the wedding stage to Steven Curtis Chapman’s “Dive”.  It wasn’t planned.  We just looked at each other with that knowing look when the song came on.  I guess the lyrics Sink or Swim I’m Diving In was our anthem from the beginning.  I remember the day he promised me adventure.  He didn’t guarantee a lot of money or an easy road, but adventure.  After 13 years of marriage to this my heart still says heck yeah, I’m in!

Our Tribe:

  • The Eck Family The Man – I affectionately refer to David as ‘The Man’ because, well, he’s my man and this is my blog.  I could call him The Extraordinary Man, or The Everything I’m not Man, The My Best Friend Man, The Amazing Man, The Wonderful Father Man, or The Hardest Working Man I Know Man but those are just way too long so for the purposes of this blog so I will stick to THE Man!
  • Adventure Girl – Yep, that’s me.  Don’t worry though, I won’t refer to myself in the third person.  That’s just weird.  Pretty much up for anything that will get my adrenaline pumping.  I am an introvert but you wouldn’t know that if you met me.  I LOVE people.
  • E – My sister, Mimi, started calling Elijah “E” and it just stuck.  Full of tenacity and conviction E has lots of fire and faces life head on.  I love his fearless nature.
  • Biggie/Biggs – Judah had huge lips when he was born garnering him the nickname.  He has a very active imagination and is marked by his loyalty and kindness.
  • Girlr – Judah had a hard time with his r’s when Justice was born.  He would call her Girlr and it was so cute we just went with it.  She is full of spice and has a mind of her own but is quite compassionate too.  She is FUN!

While we love adventure we have not always made it a top priority.  We changed all of that in the summer of 2012 by selling our home in Kansas City, putting our belongings in storage, and hitting the road for an open ended road trip. (read How a Krispy Kreme Donut Changed Our Lives if you want to know why).  Our kids crave the outdoors and are thrill seekers like their mama.  They are full of energy and love the mountains like their daddy.  Our extended road trip gave us a huge dose of what we were longing for and left us bitten by the travel bug in a BIG way.

We are committed to exploring the world as a family whether in our own back yard here in the Pacific Northwest or all the way across the globe!  We hope this blog serves to inspire you in some small way to do the same:) Thanks for joining us on our journey as we discover different parts of the country and interact with the world in new and exciting ways!

If you want to, check out our AWESOME theme song.  But let me warn you ahead of time- if you are a bad dancer, like I am, make sure to listen to it in the privacy of your home- because chances are you will feel like dancing!

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