mount rainier sunrise

Mount Rainier National Park – A Family Hike at Sunrise

Having lived in Kansas City for five years before our extended road trip we didn't realize how soul starved we were for nature.  God used his brush and painted wondrous landscapes all over the globe for mankind to interact with and enjoy. In this technological age its easy to forget to make time for ourselves and get away to be refreshed by God's handiwork.  We had … Read More...

The Perfect Travel Shoes

Tieks by Gavrieli - The Ballet Flat, Reinvented.

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easter scavenger hunt

Easter Scavenger Hunt Fun!

We kicked off Easter Weekend with the Resurrection Scavenger Hunt I posted a few weeks ago.  Can I just say …  My kids are so cute!  They usually like to make a competition of these hunts but this time they wanted to work together.  It was really sweet watching them put their brains together to […]

crater lake

Where is Crater Lake & Why Should I Go?

Where is Crater Lake anyway and why should I go?  If you are anything like me, who apparently slept through geography class, you may be asking yourself the same question.  After having been, I can assure you, you don’t want to miss out on this gem! Crater Lake is located in southwest Oregon in the spectacular Crater Lake National Park View Map.  Besides its immense beauty and […]

airplane carry-on check list

Airplane Carry-on List

Here is your extensive list for any & all carry-on items.  Be mindful of the pesky fact that you will indeed be carrying these things for the duration of your trip with child and/or baby in hand.  Have mercy! Bring only what you know you need! Airplane Carry-On List: Documents: __ Passport and ID’s __ Credit cards, […]

ultimate packing checklist

The Ultimate Travel Packing List

Here is your Ultimate Travel Packing List! Check off as you pack and take this list out the door with you to ensure you got it all.  Nobody wants to be caught off-guard without something essential and this is double true if you have the family with you! Before we get to the actual list […]

how to save on theme park passes

How to Save on Theme Park Passes

Good BBQ, the smell of funnel cakes, scary rides, and your kids’ ice cream melting all over make for a great day at your favorite theme park- but if you can find a way to throw in savings- it’s PERFECTION!   When it comes to vacationing who doesn’t love a visit to a hair raising, […]

scavenger hunt ideas

Resurrection Treasure Hunt – Scavenger Hunt Ideas Series

Easter is upon us and I am happy to share with you the newest Printable in our Scavenger Hunt Ideas Series.  Easter is such a special time for our family.  As Christians it is a time for us to meditate on the incredible love of the uncreated God who humbled himself and took on flesh, […]

upcycle tshirt

Upcycle Old T-Shirts with this Dip Dye Technique

  I’m not sure if it’s my shape or what but I have at least half a dozen long sleeve shirts that just do nothing for me, so when I saw an Upcycle T-Shirt Project on Pinterest, using the Dip Dye method, I knew I had to give it a go.  When most people think […]

road trip games

Road Trip Games & Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained on a Long Drive

This list of road trip games and activities is designed to keep the party goin’ and the peace flowin’ long after the excitement of leaving town has worn off. It’s true that if you are traveling any real distance, it takes a while longer to get to your destination.  And with kids it can take […]

jobs for kids

Teaching Kids the Value of Hard Work & Finding Their Passion

As you know from our love for all things entrepreneurial, we are always keen on finding tasks or jobs for kids to do.  Even though our kids are young, we want them to grow up to be hard working, determined, creative, self sufficient, happy individuals.   Of coarse, working hard is a lot easier to […]

pacific science center

An Unusual Classroom at the Pacific Science Center

What you will find in the bathrooms at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle may make your stomach turn, but I assure you, the kids will learn a thing or two!  You are there to expand your knowledge after all and the folks at the education center came up with a disgusting lesson about the […]